BPL BFAFL65WX1 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine


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Wash your clothes fast, and clean them more efficiently with this 6.5 kg BPL BFAFL65WX1 fully automatic front-loading washing machine. With a contemporary design and innovative features, this washing machine looks as impressive as it is powerful, and will make a short work of laundering dirty clothes.

Nobody likes to come home to a pile of dirty laundry at the end of a tiring day. More than that, nobody has neither the strength nor the inclination to wash their clothes manually after spending hours at work, if they can help it. Now make laundering clothes quick and effortless with this 6.5 kg BPL fully automatic front-loading washing machine.

The stylish and contemporary design of this front-loading washing machine consists of smooth contours, fine detailing and chrome paneling.

Digital LED Display
Thanks to the digital LED display, you can now easily monitor the washing operations. It shows you the speed, delay time, temperature of the water and also if the washing machine is on.

Program Selector and Back-up Timer
Now choose from eight preset programs to wash your clothes according to their fabric type. The program selector knob, along with the LED display, works smoothly, so you can conveniently select from the preset programs.

Ergonomic Drum Design
The wash drum of this washing machine is crafted from high-quality stainless steel that makes it both sturdy and durable. It features S-shaped ribs that add to the cleaning performance of this washing machine. The specially designed in-built spray system optimizes water distribution during the wash cycle for a thorough cleaning of your laundry.

180 Degree Hinge
Whether you are putting dirty laundry inside it or taking out your freshly laundered clothes, this washing machine’s door, with a 180 degree swing range, offers you easier and better access to them.

HG-Drive Copper Motor
This BPL washing machine is equipped with a high-grade motor that offers you 1200 rotations per minute (rpm). It also reduces the drying cycle time and boosts your machine’s life span.

This 6.5 kg BPL BFAFL65WX1 washing machine, with its specially designed motor, not only delivers a powerful performance, but also contributes to a greener tomorrow by consuming less water and energy.

Rs.15,499 Rs.19,990


Price Changes Hourly, Click For Current Price.