Maharaja Whiteline Neo (MX-147) 500 W Mixer Grinder (3 Jars)

Maharaja Whiteline Neo (MX-147)

Rs.1,599 Rs.3,299

About this Deal:

Maharaja Whiteline Neo MX-147 Mixer Grinder is a perfect all-time companion of housewives busy with cooking food and spending long hours in Kitchen. This Mixer comes with Heavy duty motor, which is powerful and carries out mixing, liquidizing and grinding tasks efficiently. This model is cost effective and is very useful appliance for carrying out everyday task with perfection. Grinding and Mixing are finely done and you will never get complaints of uneven mixing with its Heavy Duty Motor. This Machine is your one one-stop equipment and will definitely help you ease your routine kitchen cooking tasks. You can rely on its productivity.

Multitask Compact Unit
Maharaja Mixer is compact in size 350 x 210 x 315 mm, Weighing 3 kg .Can perform various functions like Wet Grinding for mixing liquid like products pulses ,rice and other eatables , Dry Grinding for spices , Chutney Grinding allow you to relish your favorite chutneys , Liquidizing lets you enjoy juices of fruits and vegetables. You can prepare shakes without any hassle.

Stainless Steel Jars
This Machine comes with 0.3L, 1L and 0.7L stainless steel jars, which can be used for Multi-purpose applications. Prepare onion and tomato purees, grind any wet or dry items and make your cooking work easy. Super sharp blades are durable and can be used for longer time. You can even grate coconut other hard food items and complete your tasks on time. Jar of capacity 0.3l is used for grinding.0.7L is gain used for grinding large quantity.1 Liter jar is mainly used for Liquidizing and is mostly helpful for making juices etc.

Saves Power
MX147 consumes 500W of power, which is very less as compared to its amount of work done by this unit. Maharaja Whiteline Neo is energy efficient and saves your power consumption, reducing heavy electrical bills. This machine runs on 230-240V AC, 50Hz Single phase Power supply. Overload protector improves performance and prevents this device from accidental damages.

Rs.1,599 Rs.3,299