Samsung 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WA62H4100HD)

Samsung WA62H4100HD

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Ideal washing machine for household purposes Design and Appearance: The design of the Samsung WA62H4100HD Fully Automatic Top loading Washing machine is vertically aligned giving it a good waist length height. Due to this, the product becomes highly user friendly as it is given a top loading feature. This makes it more favorable as the user need not bend every time he has to use the machine. The top lid is transparent so that the process of washing can be supervised upon. All the operations are aligned in one corner so that the user need not wander about the entire tray while using it. Operations: The machine is fully automatic, which means that once the clothes are put into the inner tub and water is supplied, the user only has to adjust the type of wash and other operations. The machine does its chores of washing, rinsing and drying all by itself.

Practically Dry, Straight from the Washer
If your little black dress in the laundry bag? Want to wear it for the party tonight? With the Samsung washing machine, you can wash your clothes and dry them in no time. Equipped with Air Turbo vents, this washer increases air circulation and minimizes moisture content so you can directly iron your black dress as soon as you take it out. The air vents also dry up the washer and avoid mildew growth.

Auto Restart
Are they frequent power cuts in your area? Worried about your clothes in the washing machine? This Samsung top loading machine automatically restores the wash process when the power returns.

Child Lock
Have notorious kids at home? Don’t worry! This washing machine, with its child lock feature, ensures the kids don’t mess up with the wash process.

The 6.2 Kg washing machine, with four water levels and two cycles, ensures maximum performance. Its spin and rinse feature also reduces your workload.

Super Clean (5 steps)
The diamond-shaped embossing drum washes clothes gently, without damaging fabric.

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Rs.13,499 Rs.15,790


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