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Voltas 185CY

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This summer don’t let humidity and the extreme heat get to your nerves. Instead, install this Voltas Split AC and make every season pleasant. Packed with stunning features and specifications, this 5-star AC consumes less electricity and ensures long-lasting performance.

Key Features:-
-Dust Filter
-Auto Restart, Timer, Sleep Mode
-High EER Rotary Compressor
-Cooling Capacity: 5000 W
-Power Usage: 1424 W

Product Description
Meet this durable split AC from Voltas which delivers efficient and effective cooling even during peak summer temperatures.

Design & Capacity
The Voltas 185CY Split AC comes with blue hydrophilic aluminium fins for efficient protection from corrosion and rusting. This split AC has a capacity of 1.5 tonnes.

The Voltas Split AC houses a high EER rotary compressor which consumes less electricity while delivering an efficient performance. The AC uses the R22 refrigerant gas for cooling. This AC achieves a minimum indoor noise level of 42 decibels. Moreover, the AC has received a 5 star energy rating.

Healthy Air
The Voltas air conditioner is equipped with a silver ion filter, catechin filter, anti-dust filter, and an Acaro Bacterium (Red) filter. The Silver Ion filters the bacteria and germs and ensures healthy and hygienic air. The Acaro Bacterium filter helps to reduce the breeding of mites while the Anti-dust filter removes the dust from the air and supplies clean air in the room.

Lifestyle Convenience
The Voltas 185CY split AC has an LED panel display. Also, it comes with an LCD remote control which displays dual temperatures. You can easily activate features such as sleep mode, turbo mode, swing, lock, and timer from the remote. Also, the remote features glow buttons for easy visibility at night hours.
Digital DisplayGlow Buttons

Hassle Free
The indoor unit of this Voltas AC features a self diagnosis function which helps to identify and troubleshoot any issues arising with the AC easily. Also, this AC has the Auto Restart feature which is ideal to retain your preferred settings in case of power cuts.

For efficient functioning and cooling, this Voltas split AC consumes a maximum of 1424 watts of power.


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Rs.33,690 Rs.45,590


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