6 Motor Bike Safety Accessories You Must Buy To Protect Yourself

In India, majority of people drive two wheeler vehicles such as motor bikes, scooters, scooty etc.

For us Indians, riding a two wheeler is a necessity more than a luxury (In some countries riding a motor bike is a luxury).

We can’t imagine our life without bikes as we use them a lot to finish our daily life works.

Most of the people use bikes to commute from one place to another especially for short rides such as going to school, work, market etc. Some other people use motor cycles for long drives.

Driving a motor bike or scooty is a very cost effective way to commute as compared to a car. Also, it is fun to drive a bike when going for long drives to Bhangarh, Nahargarh, Sariska etc.

Though, driving a bike is fun but it is more enjoyable when you follow traffic and safety rules.

Also, you need to maintain your bike regularly to enjoy a smooth ride, else you might end up pushing your bike on the road.

To have a safe bike ride you need to have some bike safety accessories. These important things can save your life and allow you to have memorable bike journeys.

In this article, I have listed 6 bike safety accessories that will help you to protect yourself while driving your motorcycle.

1. Good Quality Helmet

First thing to consider when riding a bike is safety of your head, to protect your head it is necessary to buy a helmet. But not just any cheap helmet, you need to buy a good quality helmet that is strong and comfortable.

Cheap helmets break easily as their quality is low, in case of an accident these cheap helmets will not be able to save your life.

So, you should buy a robust helmet.

There are some great helmet brands available online such as Vega, Steelbird, Autofy Studds etc. These helmet companies produce great quality helmets at a reasonably good price.

40% off on helmets

On Amazon you can buy three types of helmets:

Full Face: This type of helmet provides maximum safety by covering the back, front and top of your head. These helmets are lightweight and available with scratch resistant finish and compact design.

Flip-Up: This kind of helmet also covers the top, back and front but the front part is movable, that means the full face can become open face by sliding the front part of helmet up. These helmets are equipped with good ventilation, easy fitting and several types of upper material finish.

Open Face: These helmets covers the top, back and sides of your head, but not the face. It is open from front side and popular among the scooter riders.

The price of all these helmets is not very high, starting from Rs. 800 you can select the helmet you like according to your needs and buy it.

2. Knee and Elbow Guards

Knee and elbow protectors are not common in India but professional riders wear them. I understand it is not practical to wear them when you drive within the city or when you go to market or school.

But when you are planning to go for a long drive on highway, then elbow and knee guards are necessary as it helps to save both your elbow and knee from severe damage.

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Starting from Rs. 500, this motor bike safety equipment is available in different varieties with up to 60% discount on Amazon. Considering the practical value of these accessories, you should surely check out these knee and elbow guards before your next bike trip.

3. Biker’s Jackets

Wearing a jacket while driving looks cool, isn’t it?

Sure it does.

But apart from making you look cool, it protects you from bad weather and provide comfort while riding a motorcycle.

biker jacket - up to 35% off

These days some high quality armor jackets available online that provides safety and reduce the damage to your body in case of accidents. These jackets are able to protect your chest, shoulder, elbow, back etc.

You can buy these cool looking biker’s jackets at Amazon with a discount of up to 35%.

4. Biker’s Face Mask

A recent report said that most Indian cities have badly polluted air which is very harmful for humans.

In this situation, when pollution is increasing day by day in metro and small cities, it is mandatory to buy a face mask that can protect you from breathing polluted air.

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On Amazon India, you can buy bike face mask starting from Rs. 250 from several brands. Also, you can get up to 70% discount on these masks.

5. Hand Gloves

Hand gloves are essential while riding bike, it doesn’t matter whether you are going on a long drive or a short drive in city. Hand gloves provide comfort to your hands and protect it from heat and pollution.

It also provides a better grip so that you can hold the bike handle comfortably and tightly.

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On Amazon these hand gloves are available with different materials, fabric and styles. You can get up to 50% OFF on these bike gloves at Amazon India.

6. Arm Sleeves

In India, the weather is mostly sunny especially in the northern part of India. States like Rajasthan, MP, Delhi face a lot of sun heat during summer and biking in such weather is not easy. Thus, you have to cover your whole body to protect yourself from heat stroke.

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Covering your body also includes arms, so you should buy good quality arm sleeves that can protect you from sun.

On Amazon.in you can buy good arm sleeves starting from Rs. 130 with different fabric and style. You can also get up to 50% discount on arm sleeves.

These 6 motor cycle safety accessories are essential things you should have to keep you safe while driving. These products are available on Amazon at great discounts, you should hurry up and buy these before the discount offers expire.

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