Bosch – Skil F015.6510.JL Impact Driver (10 mm Chuck Size)

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Product Description
Why sweat it out and exhaust yourself drilling holes when you can easily pierce through wood, concrete or metal with this impact driver from Bosch. This handy tool can be a good addition to your existing toolkit as it is a powerful tool that delivers efficient and precision performance every time.

Impact Drill
This impact drill is designed with a host of features that make your job, repair and DIY projects easier and less stressful. It features an ergonomic design that ensures comfort while you are using for an extended period of time. It offers optimal grip that provides you with stability and strong grip. The impact drill features built-in variable speed control switch and multi-use feature as well.

This drill comes with a key chuck that allows you to easily insert and remove drill bits while you are working on different surfaces. This is a useful accessory as you can efficiently finish your work or project in no time. The key chuck is attached to the bottom of the drill.

Forward/Reverse Mode
You can easily change the direction of the rotation of the impact drill from clockwise to anticlockwise or vice-versa according to the requirements. You can only switch between the directions when the tool is in stationary mode. The switch is found beneath the drill.

Screwdriver Mode
You can use this drill as a screwdriver as well. Simply slide the switch on the top of the drill to switch to the screwdriver mode. You can use the screwdriver mode to screw and unscrew nails while you are repairing or working on projects in and around the house.

Speed Control
The speed switch allows you to lock onto your desired drilling speed so that you have a consistent and constant drilling experience. This is a useful feature especially for beginners. This features can also be useful in projects and repairs that require you to have a constant speed.

Install Decor Accents to Your Bathroom
You can make your bathroom’s decor match the rest of your house by installing light fixtures, decor accents, frames and hook. You can use the drill to pierce holes into the wall and use the screwdriver mode in the drill to attach the fixtures and decor accents.

Install Showpiece Stand
You can install the new showpiece stand with its shelves in your living room with ease and efficiency, thanks to this drill set. You can use the tool to drill holes into the food to attach screws and plugs, while the screw driver mode can be used to screw in the nails tightly so that you have a sturdy showpiece stand.

Install Planters on Outdoor Wall
If your wife’s an avid gardener, then surprise her with your handyman skills by installing planters on the garden wall and shed so that she can keep growing vegetables, flowers and other greens.

Bosch – Skil F015.6510.JL Impact Driver (10 mm Chuck Size)
Bosch – Skil F015.6510.JL Impact Driver (10 mm Chuck Size)
₹999 ₹2,150
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