Hyundai 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (HS4G53.GCO-CM, Copper Condenser)


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This summer make your home feel like heaven with this 1.5 ton split AC from Hyundai. Featuring a copper condenser, this AC efficiently transfers heat. It also makes this air conditioner durable and easy to maintain. Since the blue evaporator fins are hydrophilic with hydrophobic properties, they don’t let water and dust accumulate on them. With an Active Carbon filter and a Silver Ion filter, this Hyundai air conditioner turns harmful gases inactive, removes odours from the air and sterilizes bacteria.

Copper Condenser
With its copper condenser, this Hyundai air conditioner offers better heat transfer. Not only that, it also makes the AC more durable and easy to maintain than aluminium condensers.

Enhanced Cooling Performance
Featuring blue evaporator fins that have undergone hydrophilic treatment, this AC offers improved cooling performance. The fins feature hydrophobic properties, so water and dust cannot accumulate on them, making them easy to clean.

Keeps the Air Clean
Boasting a Silver Ion filter, this AC kills more than 99% bacteria. The sterilising ions on it also prevent the bacteria from growing again. In addition the Active Carbon filter effectively eliminates odor and renders harmful chemical gases inactive.

LED Display
Featuring an LED display, this AC lets you conveniently check the temperature settings. Once you’re done, you can switch the display back to its discreet mode with the press of a button.

The R-410A refrigerant used in this air conditioner makes it eco-friendly. Since R-410A is needed in only small amounts, it makes it possible to keep the AC’s design compact and lightweight. Apart from that, the refrigerant also leads to better heat transfer and low pressure drop.

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Rs.22,990 Rs.28,500


Price Changes Hourly, Click For Current Price.