5 Ways to Control Smartphone Addiction in Children (Practical Tips)

Father working on Laptop.

Mom working in kitchen.

Kids are busy playing games or watching cartoon shows on smartphone.

busy life of parents

This scenario is very common these days in Indian society as kids have become smartphone addicted. Parents are too busy in their work and mobile devices have become the “dummy parent” in this 21st century.

Because of this, kids are catching lots of diseases like eye strain, dry eyes, light sensitiveness, Nomophobia (fear of being without your phone) etc.

Even, the children between 2 to 5 years of age are getting affected because of smartphone’s obsession.

This type of smartphone’s use not only affects the physical health of children but also affects the mental health.

Doctors say that parents are not paying much attention to this disease. Indian parents usually offer mobile phones to their kids to calm them down when they are crying. Also, when kids refuse to eat certain type of food then parents give them their tablet or smartphone to distract them.

smartphone addiction in children

Therefore, kids are becoming addicted to smartphones and parents themselves are pushing their kids into this obsession of technology.

Senior eye specialists in India say that more cases are being reported of poor eyesight in children these days. Parents are often visiting doctors and complaining about their kid’s poor health, headache, dry eyes and fatigued body.

How to Control Smartphone Addiction in Children

Psychiatrist suggests that this addiction of mobile devices is not a general behavior, rather it’s a disease that is dangerous.  This obsession for mobile and tablet harms the eye cornea and develops fretfulness in children.

kids obsession for smartphone

Since kids like colorful things, so it’s obvious that they are attracted to smart-phones and tablets but parents can try these tips to distract them:

1. Engage your children with old physical games that helps them do physical and mental exercise both.

2. Mothers and fathers can bring some colorful toys that will keep kids busy. There are lots of toys available in the market or on online shopping sites.

3. Parents can purchase toys according to children’s age such as this RC helicopter which is a great child play thing for kids age between 10-15.

4. Also, parents can buy old games like ludo, Snakes and Ladders and other puzzle games to keep their kids busy.

5. Mom and dad can invite kids at home and play with them, they can give some rewards to each kid winning the game. Trust me, this is not expensive, all it takes is some time and scheduling.

If parents start playing with children then kids will automatically start following their footsteps. By playing with them parents can pass their love and affection to their lovely children which they can never pass with handing over their mobile devices.

Smartphone addiction is a serious matter that can damage the future of your children. Therefore, you should act now to save your kids from this disease.


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