15 Things You Can Learn From Amarendra Baahubali (Be Like Him)

Amarendra Baahubali is a well known name these days. The famous character in the movie ‘Baahubali: The beginning & The conclusion’ has gained immense popularity in the whole world, especially in India.

The movie “Baahubali: The conclusion” has also earned more than Rs. 1000 cr so far, which is the highest amount of revenue earned by any Indian movie in the history of Indian cinema.

Moreover, the answer of the boiling question “Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?” is out now.

Do you know ‘Why Kattappa killed Baahubali?’, let me tell you…

Ha-ha, don’t worry, I am not going to spoil the fun of this movie.

If you haven’t seen Baahubali 2, then you must go and watch it. It’s a great movie.

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The movie has several powerful characters like Baahubali, Bhalla Deva, Devsena, Shivgami, Kattapaa but the most prominent character is “Amarendra Baahubali”.

He is the King of Mahishmati nation & possess some incredible qualities that we all can learn from. I have listed 15 of his most important qualities here, hope you would enjoy knowing them.

1. Be Loyal in Every Situation

baahubali loyal

Baahubali was a loyal person to his people and nation. He never cheated them, instead he took care of them. That is the most important quality a king should have and it could easily be seen in Amarendra Baahubali.

For example, when Shivgami changed her decision and announced that Bhallala Deva will become the king, Baahubali accepted the decision, as he was loyal to his mother and nation.

Another example, when Bhallala Deva said Baahubali will no longer be the commander of army, he didn’t go against the decision instead he handed over his ring and dagger to Setupati whom Bhallala Deva chose as commander.

By these examples we can see that in every situation, Baahubali shown loyalty towards his people, nation and royal family.

2. Respect Women

baahubali respect women

Baahubali respected women, whether we talk about his mother Shivgami or his wife Devsena or any other women living in Mahishmati, he respected all of them. He even punished Setupati for misbehaving with women, it shows that Baahubali had deep respect for women.

3. Respect Elderly People

baahubali respect elders

We never saw Baahubali disrespecting elderly people, he shown them love and genuine concern. When he was thrown out of Mahishmati’s royal family and living with ordinary people, we could see him respecting elderly men and women.

4. Respect Your Wife


Amarendra Baahubali also respected his wife Devsena, as mentioned earlier. He respected her will as well as her decisions, setting a good example for husbands these days.

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5. Be A Problem Solver

baahubali problem solver

When Baahubali was living with common people, he saw men and women suffering and having problem doing their daily work. What did he do? He came up with several solutions that solved people’s problems.

6. Love People With Your Whole Heart

Love people

Why did Baahubali do all these things for people because he had love for them in his heart. He shown his love by saving his nation’s common people, eradicated their misery and solved their problem.

For example, when Baahubali and Bhallala Deva both went to fight against kaalkeyas, Bhallala Deva chose to kill the hostages (people of his nation), but Baahubali figured out a way that saved the hostages and then killed the kaalkeya warriors.

Therefore, people loved Baahubali & wanted him to become the king, because he saved their life and shown love for them.

7. Be Humble

humble baahubali

Being humble was one the greatest qualities of Baahubali. When the Maharaja of Kuntal (Brother of Devsena) and other relatives of Devsena, bowed down to him, he respectfully hugged them and asked them not do bow down to him.

It shows he was not proud of being a King, instead he had respect for his relatives.

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8. Stand Firm For The Truth

stand firm for the truth

Baahubali was a man of honor and he stood straight for the truth. At many occasions he could lie to fulfill his purpose but he didn’t do that. He was standing by the truth thus he set a good example for others to follow.

9. Stay Focused For Achieving Success

stay focused

Amarendra Baahubali was much focused person. When he was learning he was focused, when he was protecting his nation and people he was focused. Being focused was indeed a great quality of Baahubali that brought him success.

10. Work Hard To Achieve Your Goals

work hard

Working hard is essential for success. A king with no hard work, is not a king at all. Thus, Baahubali worked hard, he completed laborious tasks with his hard work, like in the war, when he built machines for his people etc.

11. Be Confident

be confident

Samraat Baahubali was confident that ‘Trishul Vyuh’ war strategy would work against the kalakeya warriors, even though that strategy was never used by anyone before.

12. Be A Great Leader

baahubali leader

King Baahubali was a great leader who led his army upfront, when Mahishmati army was demoralized and losing the battle, Baahubali inspired them with his powerful speech. The result of his inspirational speech was great as they won the battle against kaalkeyas.

Also, Baahubali inspired Kumar Verma to become courageous while most of the time he was behaving coward and naïve. After this Kumar Verma shown some strength and fought with Kuntal nation’s attackers and Bhallala Deva’s guards.

13. Be A Good Planner

On various occasions Amarendra Baahubali shown that he is a good planner. When he did not have good enough war weapons, he planned well and used ordinary things to fight with kaalkeya warriors & attackers of Kuntal nation.

14. Use The Knowledge Wisely

baahubali knowledge

Both Bhallala Deva and Baahubali had immense knowledge of arts, disguise, science, politics, and warfare but only Baahubali used that knowledge for the right cause. Bhallala Deva used his knowledge to fulfill his evil purpose not to help others.

15. Learn To Use Ordinary Things

use ordinary things

Sometimes, ordinary things can do miracles, It was well proved by Baahubali . He used his skills to convert ordinary things into war weapons. Like when he used tent cloth and burned it to destroy kaalkeya troops. Also, Baabhubali used bulls to defend Kuntal desh from attackers.

Final Word

These awesome qualities make Baahubali a great warrior, a great King and a great human being. We all should learn from these qualities and apply those in our life to become a better person. That way, you can improve yourself as well as set example for others to follow.

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Can you think of more qualities that Baahubali posses, let me know in the comments box.

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