Best LG Air Conditioners, Fast Cooling, Less Energy (From Rs. 25k)


Buy Best Split & Window LG Air Conditioners at lowest online prices with best ratings that cools faster, lasts longer, and runs quieter.

LG air conditioner features breath-taking designs with savvy technology it also comes with mosquito away technology to keep you safe from mosquito borne-diseases. Keep your family cool and safe with LG air conditioning.

 Things to know before buying Split AC:

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has brought a new rating system for Air Conditioners, the bureau has dropped 2 energy rating point for non-inverter split ACs in 2018.

For example: Any non-inverter split AC that was rated 5 star in 2017 is now rated 3 star in 2018.


Price Change Alert: Price can change according to city, to check the right price you should click on “Get Deal” OR “Shop Now” button, then enter the pin code of your area on our partner site.


Top LG Air Conditioners India


 Buy  LG JS-Q18BPXA 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (2017)

4.2 ★ Ratings
• EMIs from Rs.1128/month
• 5% off Axis Buzz Credit Card

Rs. 30,999



 Buy  LG JS-Q12BPXA 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (2017)

4 ★ Ratings
• EMIs from Rs.992/month
• 5% off Axis Buzz Credit Card

Rs. 28,999



 Buy LG JS-Q18PUXA 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter AC (2018)

4.5 ★ Ratings
• EMIs from Rs.1500/month
• 5% off Axis Buzz Credit Card

Rs. 35,990



 Buy  LG JS-Q18ATXD 1.5 Ton 3 Star Dual Inverter Split AC

3.6 ★ Ratings
• No Cost EMIs
• 10% cashback on HDFC Cards

Rs. 40,290



 Buy LG JS-Q18BUXD 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter AC (2018)

4.3 ★ Ratings
• EMIs from Rs.1,367/month
• 5% off Axis Buzz Credit Card

Rs. 35,990



 Buy LG JS-Q18RUXA 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter AC (2018)

• New Model 2018
• No Cost EMIs
• 5% off Axis Buzz Credit Card

Rs. 37,890



 Buy LG LWA5CT3A 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC

• Get extra 5% off
• EMIs starts at Rs. 1,237
• 5% off Axis Buzz Credit Card

Rs. 28,000



 Buy LG LWA5CP5A 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

4.2 ★ Ratings
• Free 2 Years Extra Warranty
• 10% off HDFC Debit/Credit Cards

Rs. 29,399



 Buy LG LWA5CP3A 1 Ton 5 Star Window AC

4.2 ★ Ratings
• EMIs starts at Rs. 1,236
• 5% cashback SBI Credit Card EMI

Rs. 27,680


LG Air Conditioner India – Why buying an AC online is better than going to the market?

Planning to buy an AC soon? Well, buying an AC has become a need today thus many people in India thinking of getting the best in class AC this summer.

You can have a look on the top B2C websites and get the knowledge about the Best air conditioner in India that is available within your price bracket.

The best thing about the online AC market is that you can get a lot of varieties in terms of brands, capacity, energy star rating etc. LG air conditioner India is one of the best options that you have in hand these days.

There are many advantages of buying air conditioners online and here is a highlight on some of those:

Get smart offers and discounts

One of the major reasons most of Indian consumers tend to buy online is the big discount offers. These deals & offers are available on many coupon and cashback websites such as Deals Freak.

If you buy LG air conditioning unit from an online store like TataCliq, Flipkart, Amazon India then there are strong chances that you will get approximately 40% discount.

On top of that you can get 10% additional bank discount if there is a cashback sale running on above shopping websites.

Especially if you buy during the festive season, the offers are better during that particular period and thus you can get a opportunity to save some heavy amount of money while getting the Best AC in India.


Another reason why most of customers tend to buy LG air conditioner window unit from online stores is that it saves a lot of your precious time.

It takes some good amount of time to explore the market and buy an AC. Especially when you are with your better half, she will take even more time in the market. Ha-Ha isn’t it true?

With the online shops though, you can get Best AC brand in India on different electronics shopping websites and buy from the place where you get the best deal.

Similarly, when you are planning to buy LG indoor AC units from online market, you need not to worry about the time. All the online markets are open round the clock unlike the normal shops and so you have the luxury to shop at any time as per your convenience.

Get in-depth knowledge of features

Another reason why you shall buy LG AC India from the online markets is because you are provided with each and every specification on the websites.

In most of the offline shops, shopkeepers do not guide you in the right manner about the product. In the online market though, you get each and every detail about the product. This detailed information helps you to buy the Top 10 air conditioners in India.

Easy replacement policy

Last but by no means the least reason why you shall buy LG air conditioning systems from an online market is the return and refund policies are very simple. Online sites arrange the pick-up from your home in case you are not satisfied with the product thus making your online shopping smoother & easier.

Best LG Air Conditioners, Fast Cooling, Less Energy (From Rs. 25k)
Best LG Air Conditioners, Fast Cooling, Less Energy (From Rs. 25k)
Upto 30% OFF
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