Sansui Split AC SSZ55.WS1-MDA 1.5 Ton 5 Star

Sansui Split AC

Rs.21,999 Rs.27,990


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Breathe clean and fresh air at all times when you install this Sansui Split AC that has filters like Active Carbon, Catechin, and Silver Ion.

New Upgrade Available: Sansui 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC Rs.23,999

Design & Capacity 5 Star Rating
This Split AC has a minimalist design which complements modern decor and can efficiently cool a medium-sized room as it has a capacity of 1.5 ton. With a 5-Star Rating, this AC helps save on electricity bills.

Active Carbon Filter
This AC is equipped with an Activated Carbon air filter that helps eliminate common odors like pet odors, cigarette smoke, and garbage odors from the household air. With this filter, you and your family can breathe clean and fresh air all day long.

Catechin Filter
Additionally, this AC also comes with a Catechin filter which deactivates bacteria and dust particles that pass through it. Extracted from green tea, this filter also helps minimize foul odor in the room.

Silver Ion Filter
This filter, with traits of antiseptic, releases silver ions to kill the airborne bacteria. This blocks transmission of disease and keeps your family healthy.

Blue Fin Evaporator
The heat exchanger of this AC has anti-rust aluminum Blue Fins which protect it from corrosion. This helps enhance its durability and efficiency, thereby increasing energy savings. The Blue-colored hydrophilic aluminum foil in the indoor unit remains free from water contaminants, hence enhancing the efficiency of the heat exchanger.

Auto Clean
Residual water gets accumulated on the heat exchanger which emits foul odors when turned on after long periods as it acts as a breeding ground for germs. The Auto Clean feature keeps the blower motor running for 10 minutes even after the unit is switched off which removes condensed water on the Evaporator.

Auto Restart
This AC restarts automatically with the previous settings, stored in a special chip that memorizes the settings like set temperature, fan speed, etc.

Adjustable Louvers
You can set the louvers, in any six pre-defined levels, to distribute air in a fixed angle or swing between any desired angles.

Perfect for use during humid-but-cool days, the dehumidification feature offers comfortable humidity level, without reducing the room temperature.

Sleep mode
In this mode, the AC increases the room temperature automatically by 1 deg C every hour for the first two hours so you can sleep peacefully during the night.

Rs.21,999 Rs.27,990


Price Changes Hourly, Click For Current Price.