How to Buy Running Shoes in India – Complete Buying Guide 2024

Running shoes and sports shoes have become a new fashion statement these days and especially if you are very careful about your physique, you need to have the best quality of running shoes. They not only help you to run fast, they help you to run smart by giving you the kind of comfort that you need.

They will make you feel weightless, when you are running for hours putting on these shoes. There are a number of things that they lend you including catchy looks, utter comfort and protection against the external environment.

Especially when you are willing to make a career in sports, it becomes even more important for you to have the right kind of shoes that will support you with your training as you have to run around continuously.

There are countless varieties of running shoes that are available in the market to make things smarter for you if you are willing to buy genuinely good pair of running shoes.

Top 5 Brands Shoes You Should Definitely Buy

There are various top running shoes that have dominated the entire Indian market and here is a glimpse on some of the top running shoes in India:

1. New Balance Shoes – These shoes are ultra lightweight but still do have a proper amount of cushioning on them. They allow the breathing and are durable on any kind of surface giving you the license to run anywhere you want. These are best suited to you if you have high arches and narrow feet.

2. Adidas Terex Shoes– These shoes are particularly good for outdoor running with abrasion resistant stuff to give you additional protection. The grip of the shoe is also extraordinary giving you the boost of acceleration that you desire while running.

3. Nike Run Swift Shoes – If you want to have shoes with extra cushioning, then these are unbeatable in the market. It has an outside mesh which enhances the breathability and also provides a better structure to them. It also has a crash pad to help you with awkward landing thus keeping you safe and sound.

4. Nike Pegasus Shoes – If you want both speed and comfort at the same time, then going for these shoes may be the smartest idea for you. The outsole helps in reducing the impact and also reduces the traction on varied surfaces. They also have the Flywire cables that provide additional support and breathability.

5. Reebok Jet Dashride Shoes – These shoes are highly recommended because they provide you with 360 degrees of ventilation as it has an underlying mesh. This mesh helps in the release of the heat and providing you with a cool walk. The rubber is high abrasion which makes it fit for trekking and hiking as well.

Shoe Wisdom
Your Shoes define your personality and having a good pair makes you the source of attention.

Things To Consider Before Buying Running Shoes

Before you get to buy running shoes, there are number of factors that you need to consider. It is never as easy as it looks to you people because if you do not buy the shoes that fit you perfectly, you are wasting your money.

The shoes must fit you in the best possible manner so that they are able to lend you the complete comfort that you always want to have while putting on your running shoes.

Things To Consider Before Buying Running Shoes-min

Here is a look at some of the key aspects that you need to ponder upon before you buy sports shoes for yourself.

☑ Heels

This is one of the major factors that you need to look upon when you are willing to buy running shoes. You must put on your shoes and make sure that heels are not cracked.

You must also secure that you heel is properly locked in after putting on the shoe. You can also tying up the laces and make sure that it is not too tight.

You must be able to dwindle your heels after putting on the shoes so that you are able to move freely while running around.

☑ Instep

This is another very important aspect that one needs to consider depending upon the structure of your feet. If you have short-toed feet, then your shoe size will be different while for the long-toed one, it will be different.

So, the instep area is of prime importance while buying the perfect kind of shoe for running.

You shall have proper ball to ankle measurement while buying the shoe so that you can have utmost amount of comfort while putting the shoes on.

Most of the people do not pay a great amount of attention at this point and buy the shoes which are not best suited for them.

So, whenever you go for buying your favorite running shoes, make sure that the instep measurement is perfect for you.

☑ Width

Width is another very important aspect for anyone to look upon while they go for buying the running shoes.

Everyone’s feet width is different as some of you have narrow feet structure while some others have wide feet structure. So, you need to have shoes accordingly for yourself.

If you have narrow width, then going for the lace-up shoe will be the best idea for you while for the medium width any shoe will be fine.

But if you have wide feet, it must be quite a task for you to find the right kind of shoes for yourself. There are not many options that you will find in the market for this size.

So, you have to pick from whatever you have at the disposal, but at the same time make sure that they fit you in the perfect way possible.

☑ Length

Length is another very important factor that you need to consider as you always want to have shoe size that fits you perfectly.

For some of you, choosing the length is quite a problem as the smaller number is slightly tight while the larger one is slightly loose.

This makes things very difficult for you as you are not sure which pair you shall get to buy for yourself. The major reason behind this is your feet structure.

But in this kind of scenario, you can try different types of brands as every brand has a different kind of fit. So, going for any other brand may help you to have the best fit for yourself.

☑ Flex

Flexibility is perhaps the most important aspect that you need to have a look at while buying sports shoes for yourself.

You must look to buy shoes that allow you to move freely after you put them on. While buying shoes, you must try it after putting on the laces and try to move your feet in every direction to test its flexibility.

☑ Feel

It is not that important about how your shoes look but the more important thing is that how you get to feel after putting it on.

You always want to buy the shoes that give you the perfect comfort and feel thus making it better for you to put on these shoes while running or even occasionally for other events also.

Practical Tip
Always buy the shoes that fit perfectly in your feet.

Why Should You Buy Running Shoes?

The next important things that you shall know about buying the running shoes is how they are better and comfortable than the other varieties of shoes.

You must know about the features of these shoes that will help you out while running. Here is a look at some of the top features of the running shoes that makes them a favourite of you people –

  • One of the first things with the running shoes is that they have more cushions when compared to the normal shoes. So, when you tangle with an object, the chances of feet injury are lesser thus making things a lot better for you.
  • The second thing about these shoes is that they provide you with greater flexibility and ease while moving around.
  • They are also highly breathable so that you do not have much of a problem when you put them on and run around for hours. They give you the kind of comfort that you need.
  • The running shoes also provide you with superior motion control and stability that you need when you are running.
  • It also has reflectivity in the night as they tend to stand out even in the dark thus enhancing your style statement.
  • The running shoes are also stiff when you need them to be thus making them highly suitable for you.

Pronation vs Supination

This is another very important factor for you to consider when you are willing to buy the running shoes. You must be sure whether you want to buy shoes with inner strikes or one with the outer strikes.

With the pronation or inner roll of your feet, while you are moving, you tend to have a little bit of comfort while moving. But when the pronation is excessive and it may cause danger of serious foot injury.

Supination is the exact opposite of the pronation and refers to an outward rolling of the feet while in motion. It generally occurs when you are looking to push extensively and is required to gain the speed that you want. But excessive supination can be severally denting and result in a serious foot injury.

“Injuries can be lethal, so be careful and chose the shoes that can minimize the risk of injuries.

This is why it is recommendable for you to go for analysis of running gait to analyze the foot strike. After getting to note the important things about your running, you shall go to a qualified sports shop and get the shoes that suit your running gait to prevent any kind of injury while running.

Always think twice before you buy shoes

Motion vs Stability vs Neutral Shoes

This is another very important thing depending on whether you overpronate or not. Here is a detailed look at the types of shoes to help you know which one suits you –

☑ Motion

If you are a runner and roll inward severally during your running gait, then going for the motion shoes is a very smart option for you. They help in adjusting the feet and providing you with a stable and neutral alignment to your feet thus reducing the chances of injuries to minimal.

☑ Stability

If you pronate above the threshold level, then the stability shoes are the best suited for you. They help in giving you a stable base and providing you with the kind of alignment that will help you to run freely without having any fears of injuries to your foot.

☑ Neutral

If you do not overpronate, then the shoes that are best suited for you are the neutral shoes. For any runner, whose running gait is normal, it is recommendable to go for the neutral shoes. The best thing with these shoes is that you can run effortlessly for a long time with the kind of comfort and alignment that it lends to you.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Running Shoes

There are many different things that you need to have on the back of your mind while buying the running shoes for yourself. None of you wants to compromise on the quality of the shoes and thus you need to have a check on following features before buying your favorite shoes.

☛ One of the first things that you shall do is to give a deaf pair to your friends and dear ones. Everyone has a different running gait and the pair which suits his running may not be suitable to you.

☛ When you are buying your first pair of shoes, always make a check into your nearby store rather than going online and buying the shoes. You shall get to try different shoes to know which one fits you best. At the same time, you shall also a  try light and thick soles when you are new to running, so that you are able to know which one is better suited for you.

☛ You shall also look to go for a trial run inside the store as it will help you to know whether the shoe is fit for running or not. You shall know whether you are comfortable with the shoes or not before buying them and thus make sure that you run a little after putting it on.

☛ Most of you do not know this factor the  but colour of sole is also very important for you while making the selection. Black soles are heavy and more durable and thus suited if you run on asphalt or the concrete surfaces as they are resistant against wear and tear. But if you are running on treadmills, then it is recommendable to go for white soles as they are softer and thus more comfortable to you.

☛ You shall also pay attention towards the cost of the shoe and if you are just buying your first pair of shoes, you shall not go for the extravagant shoes.

How to Choose Running Shoes?

You must know your running gait and choose your shoes accordingly so that you are able to find the perfect pair for yourself.

Here are some of the tips that might be of your optimum help when you are looking to buy a new pair of shoes :

☛ When you get to buy the running shoes, never get to buy one that fits in perfectly to your feet. When you run, a lot of sweat tends to develop and thus you need that breathing space. You shall buy shoes that have a 3 to 4 inches gap so that the sweat is soaked with ease and you are also having the kind of breathability that you want.

☛ Another important thing that you need to keep in mind while you get to buy your running shoes is your weight. If you are heavy, the impact between your shoes and ground will be that much stronger. Thus, you need to buy shoes with heavy cushioning and extra protection on your shoes so that the shoes are perfect.

☛ You shall also tend to ask questions about your feet size and get some recommendations from the seller about which shoes will fit you in perfectly.

☛ It is best for you to go for buying the shoes in the afternoon as around that time the sweat is more and thus you have better chances if knowing which your best fit is.

Running Shoes Categories

There are different types of running shoe categories that you tend to ponder upon and here is a look at some of the popular categories –

☛ Cushioned Running Shoes

If you are having a high arched foot, then this may also be a problem for you and thus you need to go for the cushioned running shoes. With a high arched foot, there is lack of rotation on the feet which causes a shock on your joints. With the extra cushion which is provided to you, the shock is easily absorbed.

☛ Stable running shoes

If you have an overpronate movement of your feet, and then these shoes may be the perfectly suited for you. They help in curbing the inward movement and thus making it easier for you to run for hours without any kind of problem.

☛ Motion plus shoes

If the overpronate movement is very high, and then you need to go for the motion plus shoes. With a flat foot, the inward curling is very high and thus the chances of injuries also increase exponentially. With the motion control shoes, you are on a safer side. With these shoes, the motion is more rigid and thus rotation is reduced heavily. It has an extra sole which makes the sole bulkier and wider thus preventing excessive rotation of the feet.


Different Types of Running Shoes

Here is a detailed look at the type of running shoes that are available for you:

☛ Lightweight shoes

If you want to go for racing or speed walk, then the light weight shoes will be best suited for you. The lightweight shoes have lesser cushioning and foam so they are very light and comfortable. But there is a problem with these shoes that they cannot absorb the shock and thus you are more prone to injuries when you tangle with the external matter.

☛ Trail shoes

These shoes are designed especially for those who want to conquer the mountains and generally run in the mud and trails. These shoes give you enough amount of protection while at the same time; they also give you the comfort that you want.

Best Time to Buy Running Shoes Online (Some Practical Suggestions)

The most common question that all of you tend to have is what the best time to buy these shoes online is. There are many times when the top online companies come up with sale options to help you get the shoes at cheap prices.

Especially during the Diwali period, almost every online company comes up with a sale on its online platform thus making it an ideal window for you to buy the running shoes.

There are some other mind boggling deals that are available during the chritmas and New Year period as well. Similarly, the period of Navtras and EID is also very apt for buying your shoes online.

“If you want to buy shoes online, buy in the festivals and get sizzling deals for yourself.”

You must keep on visiting these websites during the festive times if you are willing to buy running shoes as the prices will be very low during that period. You must also be watchful about the anniversary sales that online sellers come up with to avail best discounts on the running shoes online.

Important Tips to Consider (Before You Make a Purchase)

Here are some of the important tips to help you out when you are willing to buy running shoes that will assist you in your workout, running or in any sports that you play –

☛ Wait for the right time to buy the shoes as you might be able to grab some of the best deals on the festive periods.

☛ Analyze your running gait before you get to buy the running shoes for yourself. You must get to buy the shoes that suit your running gait so as to avoid any kind of injury and have free sailing run.

☛ Do not go for the overpriced shoes especially if you are buying your first pair of shoes. You must have a budget frame within which you shall buy the shoes.

☛ Analyze your needs perfectly before making a move to the shop so that you are able to get what exactly you need for your running schedule.

☛ Explore the plethora of options in hand before you get to buy any pair of shoes. You must give some good amount of time when you are looking to buy the running shoes.

☛ Don’t take anybody’s advice except if they are experts as everybody has a different feet structure, running gait and weight. So, buy the shoes that suit you not the one which suited your friend.


Buying a running shoe is not an easy task, especially if you are willing to buy one for the professional use. There are numerous factors that one needs to have a look at before getting to buy the running shoes.

You need to check whether it is flexible or not, whether it gives you the feel that you want or not. You also need to know whether it suits your running gait or else you will be prone to the injuries.

You must also analyze the needs in hands like the surface on which you want to run, if you want speed shoes or normal running shoes. These factors are quite important as you get to find the best option only when all the boxes are checked and ticked.

Another important thing that you need to make sure is that you get to buy from the renowned brands only. You do not exactly the kind of a stuff that a new brand is serving you and it might not be suited to you.

With the renowned brands though, they have an option for different feet structures and running gaits and also provide you with bankable stuff.

You must also not be fooled by the sellers as some of them mis-sell the products by advertising them on the name of bigger brands.

So, it is advisable for you to buy from the authentic outlets of top brands so that there is no any chance that you are getting fake shoes. One of the best ways to look up for the shoes from every popular outlets is by taking the path of internet.

Top online brands such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Shopclues, and various others can serve you with the best stuff while providing you with heavy discounts as well.

They also buy the products directly from the stores so that the chances of getting fake shoes are minimal. Also, provide you with brand warranty on every time thus making deals more ideal for you.

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