How to Buy DSLR Camera in India, The Detailed Buying Guide 2021

In the era of professional photography, one thing that you all want is a DSLR camera.

Having a DSLR camera in India has become a fashion statement these days. However, DSLR camera serves other purposes as well apart from showing style.

When you are looking to make a career as a professional photographer, having a DSLR camera is a must for you.

There are various varieties of DSLR’s from many top camera brands that are available in the market to buy.

There is almost a new feature coming in every day in these DSLR’s, so you need to be updated about the same and then buy the one that would suit you the best.

What is DSLR Technology?

DSLR technology is a boon for the photo lovers allowing them to take candid photos.

dslr technology india

Before you get to buy a DSLR camera for yourself, it is quite important for you to be acquainted with the DSLR technology.  But before knowing about DSLR, you must first know about the SLR technology and how DSLR is an upgrade on the same.

SLR expands as single lens reflex which means that a single lens is used for both finding of view as well as taking the picture. Reflex is the key word which means how much reflex time is given for flipping of the object. It is a measure of the exposure time that the lens is allowed to capture the object.

In the SLR technology, the lens is positioned at 45 degrees and the light passes through it and the mirror to capture. With the Digital SLR technology, there has been a slight change in the image capturing as the film is being replaced by the digital sensors that facilitate the capture of the image as well as enhancing the quality of image.

With changing times, the cost of these digital sensors is coming down heavily that has an impact on the cost of these DSLR camera and they are now available at very affordable prices as well.

DSLR Tech Specification (You Should Focus on these)

DSLR tech specs

DSLR camera photography makes the process of taking pictures easy through the rich features of DSLR camera. But you need to closely look for the essentials features in a camera, so that you can have the best DSLR camera for your adventure trips, festive occasions, wedding parties etc.

The most important thing that you shall focus on is the features of the camera that more often than not define the quality of the images as well. If you have a DSLR power packed with varied features, then you will catch some images that you will cherish for lifelong.

Here are the major features of DSLR camera that you need to focus upon while buying a DSLR camera:-

☛ Mega Pixel

Mega pixel resolution is one of the key factors that you need to consider while buying a DSLR camera. You need to have a check on the mega pixel resolution of the DSLR camera before you get to buy one.

With entry level DSLR to advanced DSLR cameras, companies are providing good enough Mega Pixel quality, so you need not to worry much about this aspect though.

One of the biggest mistakes that most of you get to make is that you put the Mega Pixel resolution on top of your list while shopping for a DSLR. The quality of the sensor is even more important than the mega pixel resolution.

Mega pixel resolution is just a fluke, it’s the lens & sensor quality that actually matters.

☛ Sensor

The most important factor that you need to ponder upon before going to buy a camera is the quality of the sensor. It actually gets to define how good or how dull pictures you will be able to take from your DSLR.

If the sensor of your DSLR is good, the image quality will be better.

It is the sensor that actually allows the exposure of the object and captures the object based on the exposure. Sensor is the part of the camera that is responsible for capturing the image and it is the sensor through which you see the image while capturing.

☛ Types of sensors

Sensor quality is the most important issue for you when you are willing to buy a DSLR camera and you must have knowledge about different types of sensors to buy the right one.

Here is a look at some of the options that you have when you talk about camera sensors –

♢ Medium Format Cameras

They are the best type of camera sensors that are available in the market and they are the biggest ones as well. With the medium font sensors, the camera quality is the best.

The width of the sensor is around 53 mms and the height is 40 mms with the medium codec thus helping in capturing the best type of images.

♢ Full Frame Sensors

Full frame sensors are also high quality sensors that have a width of 35mm and a height of 24 mm that facilitates in taking high quality images with ease. Due to greater width and height, the sensor area is bigger, thus it provides better capture of image.

♢ Crop Sensors

These are the most popular types of sensors that are used in the market as they provide you with good quality images and are not that expensive as well.

The actual size of the crop sensors varies across popular brands but there is not much of a difference from whichever brand you get to buy.

♢ 1/4th sensors

These sensors are one by fourth of the medium cameras. These sensors are perfect for travelling as they can be easily packed in the bag and allows you to have some crisp pictures. But quality wise, they are ranked very low.

♢ Bullet Sensors

Last in the list of the sensors is the bullet sensor which is smallest and are very popular with small cameras. The sensor area is small thus the quality of image is not the same as some of the other sensors.

A bullet camera is perfect for those who want to have handy cam on their back all the time as it is easy to carry.

☛ Sensor size

There are various choices that you have when you talk about the sensor size as they are available in different sizes. The quality of the image sensor is directly proportional to the quality of image that you can get to capture.

The bigger the sensor is the better quality of image you are going to have from your camera.

☛ Resolution & megapixel

Whenever you get to buy the DSLR camera always prioritize the quality of sensor over the megapixel resolution if you are willing to buy the right camera for yourself.

A camera with a great sensor will automatically upgrade the quality of the images which in turn will help you to go ahead with your professional photography career as well.

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DSLR Features That Helps in Making a Decision

features to look in a DSLR

Before you make a visit to the market or the online shops to buy a camera, you must be sure of what you exactly want in your camera.

With countless varieties and features available in the modern cameras, things will become shaky if you have not made up your mind clearly.

That’s why Deals Freak always suggest customers to review their needs especially when they are buying a camera. To accomplish that you can get a list of features and factors to focus on before you shop online for your favorite camera.

Here is a look at some of the most important aspects or features to have a look at while buying the camera –

☛ Image Quality

One of the first things that you need to focus on is the image quality and you need to make sure that your camera can have perfect quality of image. There are many factors such as sensor size and the megapixel solution that play a part in the image quality.

If you want to have quality image, make sure that you have the best quality of sensors available in your camera.

☛ Adaptability

This is another very important thing with the DSLR Camera that you need to focus. You need to buy the camera that can take some very good quality images in the day and night as well.

They shall also have ability to capture in different modes and conditions thus making you have the best quality of images in any kind of condition.

☛ Affordability

While this is not a feature of any DSLR camera, 9 out of 10 times, it is the deciding factor. You must decide a price bracket and then look for cameras within that price range only. It will help you to explore the options within your budget.

Whenever you are willing to buy a DSLR, prioritize your budget first.

☛ Optical View Finder

Viewfinders or the mirrors are very important factors that you do not know about until you get to buy your first DSLR Camera. These mirrors will give you the exact replica of the image that is going to appear on the sensor.

When you go for a expensive DSLR, you will easily be able to have better quality of optical finder and make sure you can have catchy images.

☛ Large ISO Range

This is another very important factor that you shall give importance to the ISO range of your camera. Larger the ISO range of the camera, the brighter the quality of the image that you will have.

ISO range describes the sensitivity of the camera sensors to the light and is also called as the amount of light that the film can easily be given to absorb. In most of the digital cameras, ISO range can be adjusted as per the needs that you have.

☛ View Controls

Another feature of the DSLR cameras that you tend to focus on while buying the new DSLR camera is the view control. You can have different types of views from your cameras thus controlling the kind of view and the image that you want to have.

☛ Retaining Value

Retaining value of the lens is another important factor that will help you to know about the depreciation value of the camera. If the camera has a high retaining value, then its value will not depreciate highly with time thus giving you the freedom to use it for years.

☛ Depth of Field

If you want to control the background of the images, then you must buy then best DSLR that will have quality depth of field.

It helps in having a better focus and thus helping you to have a better view of the objects as your choice and make things smoother for you.

☛ Quality Optics

This factor pretty much depends on the quality of lens that you are having and it plays a part in the quality of images as well. A lens with high quality optics will definitely help in having the kind of images that you want with ease.

Extra DSLR Features (Not Essential But Helpful If You Consider)

There are many such advanced features that you shall get to ponder upon while buying a DSLR.

Here is a look at some of the advanced features to have a watch on while buying the DSLR camera –

☛  Wi-Fi

One of the first features that people look in cameras is Wi-Fi feature. DSLRs with wi-fi helps you to instantly share your photos and videos. It has become a trend off late to instantly post the most quirky images and most of the DSLR’s these days come with a built in Wi-Fi sensor.


This is another important aspect as it helps you to have images along with their location. It also comes in handy in case you lose your camera. So, it is always a smart move to look for the DSLR cameras that have GPS.


NFC is another way of sharing data with nearby devices and most of you these days are quite willing to communicate with the nearby devices. So, if you are one of those, you must make sure that your DSLR camera has NFC.

☛ Built in HDR

This is probably the most important factor that you shall ponder if you love to take catchy photographs. The DSLR with built in HDR will allow you to capture pictures and videos in high resolution by enabling the HDR mode.

If your DSLR has built in HDR, the image quality will be automatically enhanced by 50%.

☛ Auto Focus Points

Thus is another key factor if you are willing to have illuminating images from your DSLR. These autofocus points help you to focus on any particular object in a better manner and thus make things better for you as well.

☛ Auto Recording Options

This is another key feature that you shall have in your DSLR to make sure that you can capture the beautiful moments while celebrating them with your dear ones.

Most of the modern cameras do have auto recording options and you must buy one of them only if you want to have the real quality experience.

Different Types of Professional Cameras

These different options are worth checking, these different digital cameras are built for different purpose, different individuals and different budgets. Check these cameras to find the right one for you.

☛ Advanced Compact Cameras/Mirror less Cameras

Mirror less cameras are the most advanced variety of cameras that are being used nowadays. These cameras make use of very small sensors that help in reducing the size of the cameras and making them very easy to carry as well.

They are very easy and lightweight so that you can carry them with ease while on vacations. At the same time, they are cheaper. But, the flipside is that the quality of images is not quite same when compared with a DSLR camera.

☛ Point and Shoot Cameras

If you are willing to have cameras that are perfect for carrying anywhere with you, then going for the point and shoot cameras may be the wisest option that you have in hand. It is cheapest, lightest, noise free and very easy to use as well.

But on the downside, the quality of image drops significantly and at the same time, you do not have a viewfinder to have a look at the quality of images before capturing. The controls are also manual thus making your job tougher.

Point and Shoot Cameras are best for those who look to travel around and need a camera by their back.

☛ Rugged Cameras

Rugged or waterproof cameras are ideal for those who want to capture images underwater. It also helps you to capture in any kind of weather condition thus making it an ideal choice for you. But at the same time, it is also highly expensive which may infiltrate your budget.

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What’s the Purpose of Buying DSLR?

Whenever you get to buy a DSLR camera, you must be sure about the needs that you have. If you are willing to buy a DSLR for a normal usage, going for a mirror less may be a good option. But on the other hand, if you are looking to buy the DSLR for professional photography, you must get to buy the best one available.

Similarly, when you are willing to buy DSLR for underwater filming, going for the rugged cameras is an apt choice.

Whenever you shop for a DSLR, make sure your purpose is clear and the camera suits the purpose.

Which DSLR Camera is Right for You?

The question is quite interconnected to the previous one, the choice of the camera pretty much depends on the needs that you have. If you are a travel maniac and love to have a camera in your backpack, going for point and shoot is a wise idea.

While for the professionals, opting for the more professional versions with bigger sensors is the right way to go about buying your favorite camera.

Also, before making a purchase you should check DSLR reviews, doing this will make sure that you end up buying the best DSLR in India.

Top 10 DSLR Cameras in India

top 10 dslr camera in india

I just mentioned about checking the rating & reviews to buy the best DSLR in India, but do you really have time for that?

Checking each camera review takes huge time and I’m sure you don’t want to waste your time on that.

To help you in this situation I have a compilation list of top 10 DSLR cameras in India, this will save your time and effort.

You can thank me in comment box if you want. 🙂

  1. Nikon D850

This camera is blessing for any professional photographer with a megapixel resolution of 45 MP and a sensor size of 24*36mm which is the best in industry.

It is highly suited for capturing fast paced videos along with professional landscape videos. It is also very lightweight weighing just around 2 LBS thus making it easier to carry.

  1. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Another one for the professional photographers that is heavily suited for live video capture and will give a classy view. This Canon DSLR camera weighs around 1.8 LBS and has a 30.7 MP resolution. The frame size is 24*36 making it ideal for any kind of job that you have.

  1. Nikon 1558 D5

This one is a bit expensive though the quality of camera makes up for the price that you get to pay for it. The ISO range of the DSLR is way more than any normal DSLR camera and thus you can have the kind of brightness that you have with this camera making it an upgrade over any camera that you have right now.

  1. Canon EOS 1300D

If you are looking for a DSLR camera in a moderate range, then this one will perfectly do the job for you. It has APS-C lenses that make it smaller and easily portable than some of the other professional handy cams using medium codec lenses. With a 18 MP resolution, the image quality is also very fine with these cameras. It also support NFC and Wi-Fi.

  1. Nikon D750

It is another one for those who are not willing to spend extravagant amount for the professional DSLR cameras. The camera is highly suited for fast paced action lovers as they will capture live videos in the best manner. With a full frame lens, the image quality is also better than Nikon D500 thus making it a very apt choice for you.

  1. Nikon D3400

Nikon D3400 has an AF-S 18-55mm VRII Lens combined with a 24.2 MP resolution. Whether you want to take panoramic shot, long zoom, or close-ups, this Nikon camera will let you take snaps in amazing details & clarity.

Its compact and lightweight design makes Nikon D3400 a preferable choice whenever you want a DSLR camera.

  1. SONY Cyber-shot DSC-H400

Sony Cybershot DSC H400 has a 63X optical zoom with 20.1 MP Camera and CCD sensors. Connectivity options includes Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Micro USB. Size of sensor is 1/2.3 Type (S) (7.76 mm) and focal length of 4.4 – 277 mm.

This Sony camera comes with 2 years warranty.

  1. Canon EOS 80D

This is another camera which is designed for the photography enthusiasts and can help you to have some very good images. It is definitely a perfect foil for capturing fast paced videos especially when you are travelling around. It uses APS-C lenses and the 24MP resolution is more than enough for a beginner.

  1. Nikon D3300

Cheap and best, this is how the Nikon D3300 can be defined in the best manner. For those, just looking to put a step into professional photography and not willing to spend heavy amount, this one is ideal as it will make the job easy. It is very lightweight as well and the APS-C sensor can help you capture some very good images.

  1. Nikon D5600

This one is an upgrade over the Nikon D3300 and can be a bit more suitable for your purpose. But, it is also quite expensive when compared to D300 almost double the price. With a bigger LCD size and more number of dots, it more than makes up for the increased price of camera.

Which Brand to Buy and Where to Buy?

DSLR camera brads

You shall never focus on the brand and always focus on the camera quality while buying DSLR cameras.

One of the questions that come into your mind while looking to buy the DSLR camera is which brand you shall prefer. The suggestion is to look at the camera quality more than the brand to have better cameras. Although, Nikon, Canon, Sony are some of the top brands that can provide you the cameras that will suit any kind of needs that you have.

The second question that springs in is from where you shall buy. It is a handy suggestion for you to not go to the local markets. You will not get that variety and range over there as the stock is very limited.

In this regard, going to the online websites may be a quality option and Amazon is the best place for you; in addition to this,,, may be the other options that you can get to explore while buying the DSLR camera.

When you buy DSLR, Buy them online and make the most of the offers and discounts on these websites.


Buying a DSLR camera is not an easy job because of so many features and varieties that are available for you. You need to have an eye on a variety of factors before you get to buy one.

So, it is always smart for you to compile a list of the things that you need in DSLR and the budget that you have. You can filter the options using the list and it will make things easier for you when you buy the DSLR camera.

Whenever you buy a DSLR camera, make sure that you buy the right product at right price.

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