5 Things You Can Buy Online This Week (All Under Rs. 99)

Everybody likes to buy things at cheaper prices and when products are available for such a low price of Rs. 99 then nobody can ignore the shopping offers.

Thus, I have brought you 5 great shopping deals that you can get only for Rs. 99 and below.

These things will help you to purchase daily need products like mobile screen guard, lingerie, women sleepwear, wall decorative stickers, kids toys, stationery, fictional and non fictional novels and many more.

Also, it will help you to save some money while buying these products because many banks are offering cashback and discount offers on these daily need products.


1. Mobile/Smartphone Screen Guards Under Rs. 99

screen guard under rs 99

Everybody has a smartphone these days as it helps humans making their life easy.

But there are times when you accidentally break the screen or your smartphone get scratches on its display screen.

This situation causes a dilemma because you cannot see your mobile screen properly.

If you are playing games, watching videos or movies, chatting on whatsapp, using social media or doing any other task you always see a blurry & unclear image on your phone’s screen.

That is why it is important for you to protect your smartphone’s screen with a screen guard or a tempered glass cover.

In this shopping offer you can purchase screen guards for mobile devices from brands like Sony, Xiomi Redmi, Vivo, Lenovo, Micromax, Gionee, HTC, Samsung and many more.


2. Kid’s Toys & Stationery Online Below Rs. 99

kids toys and stationery online under rs 99

You must have seen that usually children’s products are expensive but in this shopping offer parents can buy kid’s toy and stationery items online under Rs. 99.

Great offer, right!

Under this shopping deal you can buy Rubik’s cube, mini ball, Smiley Face Squeeze Ball, balloons, soft ball, candles, chess board, puzzles & stationery products like pencil, pencil box, top trumps, geometry boxes, greeting cards, erasers and many more.

3. Wall Stickers At FlipKart Under Rs. 99

wall stickers on flipkart under ra 99

Who doesn’t like to decorate walls in the house, everyone does, especially ladies and girls.

When you see the prize of decorative items online or in the supermarket you probably think whether I should buy this product or not!

Usually the home décor items are expensive and not everybody willing to spent such huge money on decoration.

But there is a good option for you, here on Deals Freak you can buy attractive and colorful wall stickers under Rs. 99. Isn’t this an amazing offer? Yes, it is.


4. Women’s Lingerie & Sleepwear Below Rs. 99

Girls, grooming yourselves, being comfortable and looking attractive is an art but this can’t be achieved without the right products.

That’s why you need to buy such sleepwear and lingerie that makes you look attractive as well as comfortable.

In this shopping offer you can find several options of women undergarments and sleepwear such as multicolor panty, bra, bra straps, hook extender and many more.

5. Fiction & Non-Fiction Books Under Rs 99

buy books under rs 99

Do you like to read?

If you do then this is a great shopping offer for you.

Here in this deal you can purchase novels and books under Rs. 99 only.

You can get several types of novels like fictional and non fictional authored by famous writers like Sudeep Nagarkar, Durjoy Datta, Novoneel Chakraborty, Ravinder Singh, Anuj Tiwari, Maanvi Ahuja, R. K. Narayan etc.

Above five things are great daily need things and everyone require these items in their day to day life. But the good thing is that on Deals Freak you can buy such products at a low price of Rs. 99 and below.

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